8 mar 2009

101 facts you never knew about music (8)

Por MusicRadar's...

71. Before settling on ex-Scream member Dave Grohl, Nirvana went through five drummers: Aaron Burckhard (1987-1988), Dale Crover (1988 and 1990), Dave Foster (1988), Chad Channing (1988-1990) and Dan Peters (1990).

72. According to all-known recorded sales data, the harmonica is the world's best-selling musical instrument.

73. Angel And The Snake's Debbie Harry renamed her band Blondie for two reasons. The first is builders wolf-whistling "Hey, Blondie!" at her. The second is they were named after Hitler's German Shepherd, Blondi. The band allegedly toured as Hitler's Dog but still play as Blondie to this day. Blondi wasn't so lucky - she joined Hitler in the bunker and was given a dose of cyanide just before 'The Führer' committed suicide.

74. Speaking of dogs, Fred Durst has a pet bulldog called Bizkit.
75. Gene Simmons' Rock School champion Lil' Chris went to the same Lowestoft, England, high school as Justin and Daniel Hawkins of The Darkness. Incredibly, so did two of MusicRadar's staffers. Fact.
76. The Clash's original sticksman Terry Chimes was cured of 'serious arm pain' in 1985 by Black Sabbath's personal chiropractor. After touring with Sabbath in 1987/88, the drummer set up Chimes Chiropractic and has over 30,000 patients on file. They also do acupuncture.

77. David Bowie has a lizard tattooed on his ankle.

78. The oldest artist to top the UK singles chart was Louis Armstrong (aged 66 years and 10 month) in 1968 with What A Wonderful World.

79. So-called 'gut strings' for acoustic Spanish guitars were originally made from the small intestines of slaughtered sheep. The production material only changed - to nylon - during World War II, when all available gut was used in the production of surgical thread for wounded soldiers. Eww!

80. Led Zeppelin didn't release singles during their heyday in the UK, and the b-side to the US release of Immigrant Song - Hey Hey What Can I Do? - was the band's only non-album release

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